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“Nothing can replace good research and expert advice in investigating any franchise offering. Smart investors realize they don’t always know, what they don’t know.” Natalie Nutter : Co-Owner

That's where the www.JUICEANDSMOOTHIEGUYS.com come into play - your Juice, Coffee and Smoothie Franchise - business opportunity resource!

What is a smoothie?

According to Webster's Definition: a blended drink, usu. of fruit pureed with milk and yogurt, etc. in this case as apposed to "a smooth-talking suave male" also in Webster's

juice smoothie business,jamba juice,mayan jamma,robeks,maui wowi,booster juice,fruitfull It’s all about those smooth, healthy and profitable drinks called smoothies. Hence the growth of the smoothie business. The influence of the smoothie business is a world-wide franchise opportunity, being whipped up with bananas, guavas, strawberries or a variety of other healthy ingredients. As juice and smoothie franchises and smoothie businesses open in popular places such as universities, malls, food courts or just stand alone stores, the excitement is soaring. People are running to their favorite smoothie business stores to get the flavors they crave like Berry Fusion or maybe Green Tea Smoothies. But what’s making the smoothie business buzz? Lets look more into why lots of folks want to start a smoothie business.

The popularity of the blended fruit drinks can be easily explained: Convenience, taste and how healthy they make people feel! No doubt about it, people are becoming more health-conscious all the time. More important, people are busier. A smoothie business is the ultimate grab-and-go product that attracts those people.

Here are just a few of the insights the JUICE AND SMOOTHIE GUYS have that will help you in your smoothie business - smoothie franchise selection quest:

juice smoothie business,jamba juice,mayan jamma,robeks,maui wowi,booster juice,fruitfull, “When you can combine a naturally healthy fast food product with a health conscience consumer, you have tapped into a huge marketing niche that has plenty of room for good franchise companies. But, not all smoothie business / franchise companies offer the same product quality or support.”

“Juice and Smoothie franchises and smoothie businesses offer high margins, easy product preparation, low spoilage and the ability to market to almost every consumer segment. I can’t say that about too many other fast food businesses out there.”

“Like most growing industries, there are 2 or 3 major players and then there is everyone else trying to copy what the leaders are doing. ” Check out the key players in the smoothie business.

juice smoothie business,jamba juice,mayan jamma,robeks,maui wowi,booster juice,fruitfull, “That’s why The Juice and Smoothie Guys offer the ability to compare smoothie business franchise models on a variety of levels. So investors can make an informed decision before committing to any one company based solely on the claims of the franchisor that only has one brand to sell. ”

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