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Happy & Healthy Products manufactures and markets Fruitfull® frozen fruit bars which are 100% all-natural, featuring real chunks of fruit and no sugar or preservatives. Franchise owners act as distributors, marketing through wholesale accounts, placing Fruitfull® freezers on site and making the healthful snack available in a broad range of locations such as hospitals, colleges, universities, gourmet groceries stores, video stores, health clubs, drug stores, country clubs, beach locations and more.

Fruitfull® franchisee owners have a low initial investment to open and outfit a Fruitfull® franchise, which includes a one-time franchise fee. There are no royalty fees, no store to watch and the franchisee can mold the business to their lifestyle—part-time, full-time, with the family.

"A great alternative to the 9 to 5."

"The best part (about the Happy & Healthy franchise) so far has been the opportunity for us to work together...

There are not a whole lot of businesses that a couple can work together, but with this one, we can and do work together.

Even though this is a real job, it is a great alternative to doing the 9-5 type job and working for someone else."

-Rita & Robert Davis,

fruit bar, smoothie businessTwo easy ways to generate revenue.

As a Happy and Healthy Products franchisee, you aren't sitting behind a desk being told what to do. You are your own boss.

Plus, it's a great business for the whole family! Franchisees love the fact that the business affords them so much more time to be with their families.

A Happy and Healthy franchise is primarily a wholesale business. Basically, franchisees wholesale Fruitfull®, Happy Indulgence®, Decadent Dips, and Be Happy and Healthy snacks to locations such as:

Fruitfull® franchisees have several investment options:

  • Hospitals
  • Health Clubs
  • Schools
  • Corporate cafeterias
  • Recreational centers
  • Corner stores, ethnic markets, and more

This is a business that you run from your home, rather than having it run your home! You build the business by adding accounts (like schools, stores, cafeterias, etc). Then, you go back and service your accounts by driving your car or other vehicle to the cold storage facility, picking up boxes of your product, and delivering them, normally once a week, to the many locations where you have accounts.

Plus, there is a second opportunity to increase sales. How you may ask?

Franchisees can also sell Fruitfull® themselves while participating in the many retail events (such as fairs and festivals) that go on throughout the year.

A flexible, home-based opportunity.
No delivery van required.

fruitfull,happy and healthy,franchiseIf selected, you could start full-time, but we actually prefer our franchisees to start part-time and build to a full-time business. Either way, the vast majority of our current franchisees do work from their homes

Flexibility. It's one of the best things about this business. It can be totally adapted to your schedule. You can put in as little or as much time as you want.

Our franchises offer the benefit of being in a business where you basically "get out of it, what you put into it."

You don't need a delivery van to be a franchisee. In fact, most of our franchisees start delivering product using their existing family vehicle. Many franchisees gradually build to larger delivery vehicles, such as a van, as their businesses grow.

No sales experience necessary.
Your initial business is on us.

Many of our franchisees have little or no sales experience. Thus, we send our own marketing consultants to train you. What's more, they physically go out and set up your initial locations (15-30 minimum to start).

At the same time, they teach you how to get your own locations, so you will have the ability to expand your business on your own.

They do not leave until at least the minimum number of locations are signed, and you are completely satisfied with your new accounts.

This is not a seasonal business.

fruitfull franchise opportunityYou might think so, but in reality, it is a year-round business that is busier during the summer months with the frozen products.

Then, during the winter months, sales of the Be Happy & Healthy snacks kick into high gear. In fact, year after year, many of H&H's top producers have been from cold climate

Happy & Healthy Products/Fruitfull® franchisees know the product literally sells itself. (One bite and you’ll know why – they are delicious!). So make your future Happy and Healthy by requesting more information on this great opportunity today!

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